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Secure Access – Controlling Door and Gate Opening with Ultra-tough Keypads

Access Control Systems: Advanced Security Solutions


Advanced Security Access Control Engineered for Durability

With traditional keys becoming obsolete, Barantech’s advanced piezo technology access controls are now essential. These customizable touch metal keypads and panels are crucial components of our access control systems, designed to protect people and sites in various settings—resisting vandalism, harsh weather, and more.

Robust Access Control Solutions for Every Environment

Vandal-Proof Technology
Our solid metal keypads, part of Barantech’s access control systems, are built to withstand all forms of vandalism. This makes them ideal for areas where security is a priority.

Dependability Across the Board
The reliability of our access control solutions is unmatched due to their design: no moving parts to wear out or jam, and anodized printing that remains legible over time. This ensures continuous operation without the need for frequent maintenance.

Enhanced Features for Comprehensive Access Control Systems

Easy Installation and Flexible Use
Barantech’s keypads are user-friendly, designed for easy installation and quick configuration, embodying the plug & play philosophy that underpins our access control solutions.

Durability and Hygiene
The washdown-proof design of our panels, essential in our access control systems, means they can be cleaned frequently with various detergents and chemicals without damage, maintaining both functionality and appearance in hygienic-sensitive environments.

Remote Door Management
Enhance your security access control with the ability to remotely manage door functions, adding convenience and improving system responsiveness.

Audible Feedback
A built-in buzzer in our keypads provides immediate auditory feedback, a critical feature in security access control systems that confirms user interactions and enhances security measures.

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Building HMI Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

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