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Switch up your Pool & Spa Experience – with Illuminated, Submersible, and Long-lasting Switches by Barantech

Pool Electrical Panels & Switches

Dive into Barantech’s selection of Pool Electrical Panels & Switches, meticulously engineered to enhance the safety and functionality of your pool and spa area. These essential components are designed to power up underwater lighting, ensure smooth operation of heating and filtration systems, and provide critical safety features to protect against electrical hazards. Barantech delivers these solutions with the goal of maximizing efficiency and peace of mind for both residential and commercial pools, embodying a commitment to reliability, durability, and innovation.

Hermetically Sealed Submersible Solutions

Combining beauty with functionality – From hot tub pressure switches through spa control panels to Olympic swimming pool lighting controls, Barantech’s fully submersible piezo switches provide a range of programmable control functionality that overcome the challenges posed by water, steam and chemicals, alongside customizable aesthetics and lighting effects.

The advantages of our Pool Electrical Panels & Switches

Barantech’s hermetically sealed piezo push buttons and pool electrical panels enable manufacturers to offer their customers products of outstanding quality and design with:

  • Hot and cold water, steam resistant – As well as resistant to a range of pool & spa chemicals.
  • Stress tested – To provide reliable function up to 50 million cycles – these switches will outlive most spas.
  • Submersible piezoelectric technology – Up to 300 meters deep.
  • Housing withstands pool & spa chemicals – Such as bromine or chlorine.
  • Design options – Range of LED colors and illuminated switches enable the customized design of luxurious and differentiated products.
  • Anti-Vandal– Solid state piezo technology is so durable it is even resistant to attacks by vandals.

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Building HMI Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

After 36 years as an HMI turnkey solution manufacturer – we have learned a thing or two.
As a recognized leader in its field, we offer our customers an array of tailored HMI solutions and platforms that start from innovation, then R&D and finally production. We partner with you to develop your ultimate HMI solution – which can include cloud integration, communication capabilities, software customizations, all designed with outstanding functionality and appearance.