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Exceptional Security for Prison Staff and Inmates with Ultra-Ruggedized Switches and Keypads

Tough solutions for tough environments – Barantech’s vandal-proof, weather-resistant and programmable piezo switches and control panels are the perfect solutions for the diverse functional needs of prisons and correctional facilities: entry keypads, panic buttons, security switches – both indoor and outdoor.

Advanced and customized engineering designed to help monitor and control the smooth operation of correctional facilities:

  • Vandal resistance – Barantech’s sealed and solid-state construction provides the highest level of resistance to recurrent vandalism attempts – resisting tampering damage from knives, rocks and even kicking.
  • Zero repair & replacement cost – Solid state switches are stress tested to function up to 50 million cycles, minimizing replacement and repair costs.
  • Emergency panic buttons – With large activation area, specially designed buttons are easily activated by a guard in an emergency by banging anywhere on the entire plate surface.
  • Self-diagnostic capability – Switches provide remote alerts in cases of tampering and damage attempts.
  • Pressure and glove activation – Piezo switch mechanism can be activated when wearing gloves or by application of pressure.
  • Programmable timers – Controls can be adjusted using timers in the field or factory pre-set, for predefined lock-out times.
  • Encapsulation technology – Buttons, keypads and switches can be installed anywhere, as they are impervious to rain, sleet, humidity, vibration, dirt, bug infestation and flooding.

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