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Next Generation Piezoelectric HMI Solutions for Home Appliances

Next Generation Piezoelectric HMI Solutions for Home Appliances

At Barantech, we offer a range of advanced flexible HMI solutions designed to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of home appliances.

Our HMI solutions for home appliances include high-end customizable design, hardware, software, and manufacturing, ensuring that every aspect of the appliance control panels and components is crafted with precision and expertise.

Our Key Solutions:

Full In-House Expertise With over 36 years of experience, we bring your ideas to life, transforming them into high-quality, tangible assets that address the evolving needs of the appliance industry.

Customization at Its Best Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We provide cutting-edge technology solutions that are customized to your unique needs, ensuring that your products stand out in the market.

Advanced Technology Integration

  • Flat Fascia Housings: Available in stainless steel, glass, aluminum, and chrome, these housings enhance the aesthetic appeal of your appliances.
  • Next-Generation Software: Our software capabilities include advanced features and connectivity options that integrate seamlessly with control apps.
  • Onboard Connectivity: Our solutions offer seamless integration with WiFi, Bluetooth, and IoT capabilities, enhancing the functionality of your appliances.
  • Exceptional User Experience Our HMI controls for appliances provide a superior user experience. True touch control panels are stress-tested for up to 50 million cycles, ensuring durability and reliability. The panels are resistant to condensation, grease, and food residue, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Our HMI Solutions are Suitable for Wide Range of Home Appliances

Dishwasher Control Panels: Our control panels enhance efficiency and functionality with features like customizable washing programs, delay start options, and energy-saving modes.

Washing Machine Control Panels: Designed for ease of use, our panels manage multiple washing programs with features like automatic load detection, fabric-specific cycles, and water level adjustments.

Refrigerator Control Panels: Our panels offer optimal temperature management and energy efficiency with digital displays, adjustable shelving, and remote monitoring capabilities.

Oven and Stove Control Panels: Ensure precise temperature control and multiple cooking modes with our programmable cycles, timer functions, and touch-sensitive controls for consistent culinary results.

Dryer Control Panels: Support various drying cycles with options like moisture sensors, wrinkle prevention, and customizable drying times for efficient and gentle drying.

Flexi: The Ultimate Solution for White Appliance Control Panels

Flexi sets a new standard in flexible control panel. Our technology offers  unparalleled flexibility, advanced functionality, and superior performance.

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Building HMI Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

After 36 years as an HMI turnkey solution manufacturer – we have learned a thing or two.
As a recognized leader in its field, we offer our customers an array of tailored HMI solutions and platforms that start from innovation, then R&D and finally production. We partner with you to develop your ultimate HMI solution – which can include cloud integration, communication capabilities, software customizations, all designed with outstanding functionality and appearance.