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Putting Health First –
Engineered for Hygienic Control in the Food Processing Industry

Industrial Piezo Switches and Piezo Technology in Food Processing Machines

Barantech’s industrial-grade piezoelectric technology is revolutionizing food processing facilities. Our robust control functionality, coupled with versatile appliance design options, makes our true touch piezo switches and control panels ideal for all types of food production equipment and machines. Waterproof and virtually indestructible, these switches withstand aggressive cleaning regimes, minimize contamination, resist clogging by liquids and sediments, and extend the lifespan of food processing machines.

Combining Health & Safety Compliance with Efficient and Clean Food Processing

1. Food Safety: Our FSMA-compliant piezo switches are designed for frequent cleaning without impacting their functionality or durability, ensuring food safety standards are met.
2. Freedom of Design: We offer easy touch control panels and switches for all types of appliances, which can be customized while retaining their innovative functional advantages.
3. Trouble-Free Operation in Tough Environments: Our rugged metal housings are built to withstand impacts in the food processing environment, ensuring reliability and longevity.
4. Effortless Maintenance: Our switches and control panels are impenetrable to grease, food sediments, liquids, and residues, ensuring effortless maintenance and reducing downtime.
5. Unrivaled Reliability: Stress-tested to guarantee outstanding durability, our switches provide consistent performance in demanding conditions.
6. Easy to Clean: Designed to withstand frequent cleaning and sterilization, our piezo switches prevent the accumulation of germs and viruses, maintaining high hygiene standards.
7. Solid State for Food Safety & Hygiene: With no moving parts, our switches prevent bacteria penetration and accumulation, making cleaning easy and effective.
8. Exceeds IP69K Wash-Down Requirements: Available in three grades of stainless steel (303, 304, or 316), our switches exceed IP69K wash-down requirements, ensuring top-tier hygiene and durability.
Discover how Barantech’s industrial piezo switches and piezo technology in food processing can enhance the efficiency, hygiene, and reliability of your food production equipment.

Contact us today for customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

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