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Intuitive and Reliable Control Panel and Switch Parking Solutions

Barantech’s Parking Access Control Systems

Durable and Vandal-Proof Solutions
Barantech’s parking access control systems utilize advanced Piezoelectric digital technology, making them perfect for high-traffic applications. Our keypads and switches are designed for maintenance-free and vandal-proof operation, ensuring reliability in harsh outdoor, all-weather conditions. This makes them the ultimate solution for both service providers and users.

Key Features of Barantech’s Parking Access Control Systems

Unique Encapsulation Technology
Our parking access control systems are impervious to rain, sleet, humidity, and flooding, and can even be steam-jet cleaned. This ensures they remain functional and reliable in all weather conditions.
Temperature-Proof Performance
Our parking access control systems are fully operational in extreme temperatures, ranging from -20°C to +75°C, guaranteeing consistent performance in various climates.
Virtually Maintenance-Free
Piezo switches often outlive the systems they operate. With no moving parts, they prevent switch failure, almost eliminating repair and replacement costs, making them a cost-effective solution.
Vandal-Proof Design
Solid-state piezo technology ensures durability against vandalism, providing a robust and reliable solution for urban environments.
Customizable Solutions
Piezo switches can be customized for various uses, including options for people with special needs, such as switches with braille imprint, which ensures accessibility for all users.
Indestructible Metal Housings
Barantech’s rugged switching solutions feature metal housings – aluminum or stainless steel, and unique encapsulation technology, making them virtually indestructible.
Discover Barantech’s innovative parking access control systems with piezo switch technology.

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