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Safety in the Sky – Controls for the High-traffic Aviation Industry

Barantech’s quality engineering and designs are geared to provide maximum safety and security for the aviation industry in the air or on the ground. Robust and intuitive piezo-based switching solutions and keypads – from cockpit access panels and emergency call buttons to window shade controls – are built to withstand harsh climate conditions, vibration, extreme temperatures or changes in atmospheric pressure.

These high-quality aviation switching solutions are the perfect solution for new equipment manufacturers as well as for aircraft retrofit purposes:

  • Solid metal housings – Switches are built to last despite high traffic conditions, resulting in minimal downtime and more flights.
  • No moving parts – Controls are easy to clean, with no nooks or crannies, and are built to withstand aggressive chemicals and detergents, suitable for lavatory flush switches.
  • FAA approved– Switches meet the most stringent aviation and airport quality standards, including those for luggage control systems.
  • Customizable controls – Customized design of special graphics and use of various materials, such as polycarbonate, to suit diverse uses and requirements.
  • Hygienic – With no moving parts, there is nowhere for bacteria or pathogens to accumulate.
  • Touch-free control – Selection of motion-activated infrared switches offer touchless controls that are fully customizable – perfect for durable In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Systems.

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Building HMI Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

After 36 years as an HMI turnkey solution manufacturer – we have learned a thing or two.
As a recognized leader in its field, we offer our customers an array of tailored HMI solutions and platforms that start from innovation, then R&D and finally production. We partner with you to develop your ultimate HMI solution – which can include cloud integration, communication capabilities, software customizations, all designed with outstanding functionality and appearance.