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Piezo Switch Manufacturers – Barantech

At Barantech, we specialize in the cutting-edge production of touch metal piezo switches, setting the standard for reliability, precision, and innovation in the industry. As premier Piezo switch manufacturers, our commitment to excellence in manufacturing piezo switches ensures that every product not only meets but surpasses the expectations of our clients. With a focus on durable and high-performance solutions, Barantech is your trusted partner for the highest quality of touch metal piezo switches.

What are Touch Metal Piezo Switches?

Touch Metal Piezo switches are a sophisticated type of switch that combines the durability of metal with the advanced technology of piezoelectric sensors. These switches work on the principle of piezoelectric effect, where an electrical charge is generated in response to mechanical stress. In the context of these switches, when you touch or apply pressure to the metal surface, this pressure is converted into an electrical signal that activates the switch.

Our Piezo switches

Barantech’s touch activated metal piezo switches, with indestructible one-piece metal housings, are impervious to water, chemicals, dirt, vandalism and extreme climates.
Our Piezo switches offer several switching functions – momentary, toggle, prolonged, continuous, timer and programmable, as well as self-diagnostic options, these switches set a new standard combining advanced technology with a wealth of customizable design options such as illumination, and come in materials ranging from aluminum and plastic to glass and stainless steel.

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