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Precision Engineered for Performance: Barantech Switches

At Barantech, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality switches that set industry standards for reliability, durability, and precision. Our extensive lineup, including Touch Metal Piezo Switches, Momentary Pulse switches, and innovative illuminated and smart switch options, caters to a wide range of demanding applications. Each switch is crafted using state-of-the-art technology and backed by over 37 years of engineering expertise, ensuring that they perform optimally in any environment—from the high seas to high-stakes medical settings. Our commitment to excellence as a leading switch manufacturer is evident in every product we create, making Barantech the trusted choice for businesses looking for superior switch solutions.

Our Switches Product Range

Touch Metal Piezo Switches
Renowned for their durability and precision, our Touch Metal Piezo Switches are engineered for robust performance, ideal for demanding applications.

Momentary Pulse (N.O/N.C)
Our Momentary Pulse switches, available in Normally Open (N.O) or Normally Closed (N.C) configurations, are engineered for applications requiring brief signal activation. Demonstrating our flexibility in switch solutions, these switches come in two main variants to suit different needs: Non-Illuminated and Ring Illuminated. The Non-Illuminated Switches offer straightforward, reliable performance where simplicity and efficiency are key. Meanwhile, our Ring Illuminated Switches provide essential visual feedback through illumination, making them ideal for low-visibility environments where safety and functionality are critical.

Smart Switches
Embracing the future, our Smart Switches integrate seamlessly into intelligent systems, offering programmability and enhanced functionality.

Leading Switch Manufacturer: Powering Industries from Marine to Medical

Barantech switches serve as crucial components across a multitude of industries, including Marine & Luxury Yachts, Public Transportation, Security & Access Control, Medical, and more. Our robust and versatile switch solutions are also essential in White Appliances, Pool & Spa facilities, Car Washes, Underwater Diving Equipment, and the demanding environments of Oil & Gas, Pedestrian Crosswalk Boxes, Parking systemsA, Food Processing Machines, Emergency Call Boxes, Airport & Aviation, Gas & Fuel Dispensers, Prison Facility Monitoring, and Bike Share systems. Leveraging our extensive HMI expertise, we innovate and develop switches that are not only functional but also seamlessly integrate with various user interfaces, enhancing the overall user experience.

Why Choose Barantech as your Switch Manufacturer?

As a leading switch manufacturer and an experienced HMI solutions provider, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions. Our corporate headquarters in Kiryat Gat, Israel, and a fully-owned subsidiary in New Jersey, US, underscore our global reach and commitment to excellence.

Barantech is part of the Fimi Fund, Israel’s largest private investment fund, backing our mission to innovate and lead in technology. Whether you need a standard product or a customized solution, trust Barantech to exceed your expectations with our outstanding engineering expertise and customer-focused approach.

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Building HMI Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

After 36 years as an HMI turnkey solution manufacturer – we have learned a thing or two.
As a recognized leader in its field, we offer our customers an array of tailored HMI solutions and platforms that start from innovation, then R&D and finally production. We partner with you to develop your ultimate HMI solution – which can include cloud integration, communication capabilities, software customizations, all designed with outstanding functionality and appearance.