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Safe & Clean with Ultra-Hygienic Touch-Free Switch and Control Solutions

Overcoming the ever-present risk of contamination through the spread of pathogens, germs and infections in medical centers, healthcare institutions, labs and industrial clean rooms – Barantech’s with touch metal piezo access controls and keypads, as well as touch-free infrared switches are built/engineered to withstand frequent chemical cleaning, full washdowns and sterilization. Controls also adds another layer of security and safety for controlled substances.

A new level of hygienic and secure control for clean environments, with:

  • Touch-free control – Selection of motion-activated infrared switches offer fully touchless controls that are fully customizable.
  • Ultra-hygienic – With no moving parts, there is nowhere for bacteria or pathogens to accumulate, and flat panels are suitable for easy wiping down.
  • Enabling compliance with the strictest standards – IP69K rated touch metal piezo switches and control panels can withstand frequent chemical cleaning, washdowns and sterilization.
  • Tailored for any type of environment – Hermetically sealed housings make switches and keypads impervious to dust, chemicals, moisture and liquids, and can be used inside glove boxes.
  • Reliability required for medical/lab use – Switches function reliably up to 50 million cycles, so that crucial controls, such as medical alert buttons, often outlive the systems they operate.
  • Tamper proof – A sensor installed on the back of the keypad unit offers another layer of security and safety to prevent unapproved access to controlled substances.


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