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MarineTouch 4Key

MarineTouch 4Key

Aluminum Switch Panel: Mastering Marine Control

Upgrade your marine experience with our MarineTouch 4Key Control Panel – the ultimate solution for modern boat and yacht control. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your vessel, this state-of-the-art 4-button control panel brings a new level of ease, versatility, and performance to your fingertips.

+ Mechanical Drawing

Electrical Data

    Operating Voltage
    12V DC
    Configurable Dot Illumination
    Switch Function
    Toggle (On/Off), Momentary, Prolonged, Continuous, Programmable, Timer

Mechanical Data

    Housing Materials
    DT04-3P + 3 wires, length of 12” 18AWG
    DT04-6P + 4 wires, length of 12” 18AWG
    Actuation Force
    3-5 N
    Black Anodize & Laser Engraving

Environmental Data

    Operating Temperature: -20°C to +75°C
    Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
    IP Protection: Front Panel IP69K

Key Characteristics

    • Configurable Dot Illumination: Immerse yourself in intuitive control with four piezo touch buttons that elegantly illuminate to guide your interactions, even in low-light conditions.
    • Responsive Piezo Touch: Experience instantaneous response with the advanced piezo
      touch technology, enabling swift and accurate commands by hand, gloves.
    • CAN-Bus Protocol: Stay connected and in command. Our control panel utilizes the CANbus protocol, establishing a robust and efficient communication network.
    • Versatile Switching: Enjoy diverse control possibilities. From momentary to toggle,
      prolonged to continuous, timer-based to programmable functions.
    • Built To Last: Our control panel boasts a sealed, moving-parts-free design, safeguarding
      against corrosion and ensuring long lasting performance.
    • Your Vessel, Your Rules: Tailor your control experience to perfection. Customize button
      assignments, functions, and aesthetics to align with your preferences and operational needs.
    • Ultimate Protection: Embrace the water world without worry. The control panel’s IP69K
      protection ensures resilience against water, dust, and extreme conditions.
    • IoT-Ready: Embrace the future of marine control. Unlock optional IoT capabilities through Bluetooth, allowing seamless connectivity and remote management.
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