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MarineTouch Pro6

MarineTouch Pro6

Aluminum Switch Panel: Mastering Marine Control

Embark on a new era of control with the MarineTouch Pro6 Aluminum Switch Panel.
Our dedication to precision engineering and cutting-edge design has yielded a control panel that blends seamlessly with your vessel’s technology landscape.
Whether you’re a captain, an engineer, or anyone who values optimal control, our switch panel ensures you stay in command, no matter the conditions.

+ Mechanical Drawing

Electrical Data

    Operating Voltage
    12V DC
    Configurable Illumination
    Switch Off – Blue LED On
    Switch On – Red LED On
    Switch Function
    Standard: Toggle (On/Off) for all 6 keys
    Optional: Momentary, Prolonged, Continuous,
    Programmable, Timer

Mechanical Data

    Housing Materials
    Aluminum 6061 T651
    2 Wires 22 AWG, Length 300mm
    Actuation Force
    3-5 N
    Relay Dry Contact
    SPST, N.O.250Vac @ 20A
    Black Anodize with optional Laser Engraving

Environmental Data

    Operating Temperature: -20°C to +75°C
    Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
    IP Protection: IP68

Key Characteristics

    • Configurable Brilliance: Illuminate your journey with 6 dynamic ring illuminated piezo touch buttons, each with RGB ring LEDs. Immerse yourself in a spectrum of control possibilities.
    • Seamless Integration: Unleash the power of retrofitting with ease as it seamlessly
      integrates into your existing setup, modernizing your control infrastructure effortlessly.
    • Effortless Precision: Control with a simple touch. Utilizing advanced piezo touch
      technology, the switch panel responds whether activated by hand, glove, or tools.
    • Versatile Switching: From momentary to toggle, prolonged to continuous, timer to
      programmable modes, our switch panel adapts to your unique operational needs.
    • Built to Endure: With no moving parts, it defies the harshest marine environments,
      ensuring uninterrupted performance and longevity for your critical operations.
    • Your Vision, Your Design: Personalization at its finest. Customize your control panel to
      match your vessel’s identity. Choose optional laser engravings for a touch of exclusivity.
    • Ultimate Protection: Embrace the elements. With an IP68 rating, our switch panel is
      impervious to water and dust, safeguarding your operation in all conditions.
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