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Boat Guard 20A Relay

Boat Guard 20A Relay

An End To Boat Switch Problems

Barantech’s Boat Guard 20A Relay: the answer to boat switch problems.
This piezo touch switch retrofits 22mm pushbutton switches with ease, featuring interchangeable relay modules for maximum flexibility.

+ Electrical Connection

+ Mechanical Drawing

Electrical Data

    Switch Function
    On/Off Toggle
    Switch Voltage
    9-13V DC
    Relay Voltage/Current
    250V AC@20A, free polarity
    RGB LEDs Current Consumption

Mechanical Data

    Housing Materials
    Stainless Steel or Aluminum
    Relay Box Materials
    Actuation Force
    3-5 N
    Switch: 22 AWG, Length 300mm
    Relay: tabs

Environmental Data

    Operating Temperature: -20°C to +75°C
    Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
    Random Vibration: MIL-STD-810G: 08, Method:514.6, Watercraft, Category: 21, Marine Vehicles
    IP Protection: Front switch side – IP68

Key Characteristics

    • Unmatched Durability: Stainless steel or anodized aluminum housing options for an
      ultra-rugged design.
    • Effortless Installation: Snap-on relay module for quick setup.
    • Vivid Illumination: Tri-color RGB ring illumination for captivating visual appearance.
    • Reliable and Sealed: No moving parts, completely sealed against the elements.
    • Enhanced Touch Activation: Operate by hand, gloves or tools with touch-activated
    • Built for the Elements: Unaffected by water, salt accumulation, UV rays, ice, humidity,
      extreme temperatures as well as shocks and vibrations.
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