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Cruzo Panel (2×4)

Cruzo Panel (2×4)

Where Elegance Meets Superior Functionality

This groundbreaking glass control panel, powered by advanced piezo touch technology, redefines the helm of any yacht, introducing a modern look and feel while providing outstanding functionality, durability, and style, combined with a range of stylish options, including a sleek glass front and customizable backlighting in different colors, Cruzo sets a new standard in marine control systems.

+ Electrical Diagram

+ Mechanical Drawing

Electrical Data

    Input Voltage
    12V DC (10~14V DC)
    Operating Input Current
    1A max
    Relay Switch Voltage
    14V DC Max
    Switch Current
    10A max
    Illuminated Surface
    Buzzer notification

Mechanical Data

    Housing Materials
    Aluminium 6061 T651
    Tempered Glass
    Sealed automotive connectors:
    DT04-12PA Grey Connector, Black Wires 18 AWG, 300mm
    DT04-12PB Black Connector, Black Wires 18 AWG, 300mm
    Actuation Force
    2-7 N
    Housing Finish
    Black/Natural Anodize

Environmental Data

    Operating Temperature: -20°C to +75°C
    Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
    IP Protection: Front panel – IP68

Key Characteristics

    • Nautical Elegance: blending striking piezo touch technology with an elegant glass front
      to create a control panel that is both visually striking and highly efficient.
    • Tempered Glass Durability: Providing exceptional durability, resistance against
      scratches, impact, and UV radiation.
    • Enhanced Touch Activation: Effortlessly operate the panel with your bare hands or
      while wearing gloves, ensuring smooth and hassle-free control in any situation.
    • Versatile Switching Functions: With momentary, toggle, timer and continuous switching
      functions, delivering versatility and adaptability.
    • Adjustable Illumination and Colors: Adjustable illumination intensity and color selection, allowing users to optimize visibility and readability under different lighting conditions.
    • Robust IP68 Protection: Engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring complete protection of the panel and buzzer against dust and powerful jets of water.
    • Easy Installation (Retrofit): Offering easy retrofit installation, ensuring seamless
      compatibility with your existing marine control setup. Upgrade with ease and no disruptions.
    • Self-Diagnostic Piece of Mind: Featuring self-diagnostic capabilities, conducting
      automatic checks during startup and continuous monitoring of critical functions.
    • Optional IoT Capabilities: Leveraging Bluetooth technology, offering optional IoT
      capabilities, enabling seamless integration with other onboard systems and devices.
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